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Rape in The Subway Station

An attractive older business woman after a late night business meeting only wants to return to her expensive hotel room, it is almost midnight [Bums Buero] Olmo Da. Then with a threat to cut her tits off, and as a switch she was presented with several sets of big cum filled kinky haired black balls to suck on!

Not wanting to do such a nasty revolting thing she did the best she could to twist away, but helplessly forced to finally swallow and suck on each of the big hairy balls, with the big cock head hitting all over her face! Finally she was lifted up and fuck walked over to one of the urinals with her wrists still duct taped behind her back with the silver 3-M duct tape, then bent over with her head in between the porcelain to where she could see and smell the stench of rusty yellow brown dried piss that was all around the edges of the dirty putrid urinal!

The smell to Karen was nauseating, but also strangely sexually intoxicating, and with her head against it someone flushed the urinal! This had left her beautiful brown expensively styled hair, head and face wet as she stood bent over shivering with her toes pointed in, and a big black cock deep in her pussy! This had forced her head firmly against the water that continued to dribbling down after the urinal had been flushed totally humiliating her as she was hard fucked from behind! One big black male had pulled her by the hair back against him and thrusted his big cock all the way up and into her! The result had lifted her up and away from the urinal to where her toes even in hi heels were just barely touching the dirty tile floor! Part of her ripped business suit dress was used to dry her hair and face! This was an incredible sight even to his gang banging brothers as she was held up off the floor by only his hard meat and her long brown hair!

Now forced down on her knees again, she was only confronted by another big black and very hard cock to suck! OMG! She thought how many more, the six men that had taken turns now seemed to be well over a dozen, or were there a dozen her mind and abused body had lost count some time ago? For a moment part of her ripped clothes were used as a blind fold that was tightly tied around her head leaving her unable to see,! Oh? What were they going to do next? More glucking face fucking deep throat abuse was to follow unseen! Again one big cock after another as they took turns forcing each one deep into her throat right up to their hairy balls! In between she started to plead then beg OMG! No more please no more, I cant, please don't make me, all this had done was to incite them to be ever more harsh and brutal!

With her wrists still taped tightly behind her back she was held down tightly against the cold and dirty tile floor! One had her head between his knees and had arched it up by the neck and had easily placed it deep in her abused throat leaving her nowhere to go and him unyielding! With her bare bottom firmly against the tile floor her legs still with the thigh hi pull up stockings and polished heels were now held wide apart as the gang member with the biggest donkey dick was going to really work her over good! There was no way she could move and the only thing between her cunt and unyielding tile floor was the softness of her white fleshed bottom!

This was rape and at its most sadistic and brutal height no respite was given as she gagged and choked helplessly with her upside down view of his black hairy legs balls and butt crack and his cock deep in her throat could only choke and groan as the first of six young black men ones with big cocks and incredible stamina pounded her pussy with her bottom firmly against the hard floor!

At the very last she was placed on her knees with her back against one of the urinals and her wrists ducted taped tightly together, then tied up above her head to the pipes and with her toes in the drain at the bottom of this urinal ropes had run around her knees and then pulled them wide apart that had left her gaping well used cunt vulgarly wide open and dripping an enormous amount of cum! As a parting shot they had all taken turns jacking off and as one held Karen's mouth open, and each had tried to fill it full of cum! After the last had squirted off they had duct taped her mouth shut making it impossible for her to spit any of the nasty gooey cum out! This had forced her to actually swallow all of it in order to regain any relief! The very last thing they did to her was put duct tape over her eyes and had taken all of her clothes purse and cell phone, this was about 4:00 am in the morning and with the restroom door still jammed shut had hung a made up out of service sign that had taken until noon the next day for someone to finally investigate and find her!

A rescue ambulance and paramedics took her to the emergency room it was obvious she had been brutally raped and they had taken so many samples of semen that were mixed together that made it difficult to get a good DNA reading! It was an incredible sight of her being brutally raped by these young black gang members and how bruised and beaten her body especially her breasts ass and her pussy that was now destroyed and would take several months to heal and return to its original size plus she was continuing to burp and cough up cum for weeks after the rape! This vivid and in color video was one that I would get to see over and over as the police in a perverse sort of way wanted me to watch it thinking I could some how come up with why and how it had happened? We of course lived in Ohio and my wife was in NYC on business at the time, but we had both been invited to the station near where it had happened during the investigation and I had went also to support my wife through this terrible ordeal as she was having a hard time dealing with it!

They say lightning does not strike twice in the same place but my wife I found out later had been raped before as a young women at a college campus fraternity party! And that this latest rape was only the start of several more that by chance would happened to her!
Kink 305 - Under Her Fierce Cunt Big Tits Girl Asiansissy_joey High Like Playing On A Dike Inside Toy Shop 1

Amateur Sex Kink 305 – Under Her Fierce Cunt Big Tits Girl Asiansissy_joey High Like Playing On A Dike Inside Toy Shop

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Kink 305 - Under Her Fierce Cunt Big Tits Girl Asiansissy_joey High Like Playing On A Dike Inside Toy Shop 2

Little Kink 305 – Under Her Fierce Cunt Big Tits Girl Asiansissy_joey High Like Playing On A Dike Inside Toy Shop Gay Largedick

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I rose to my feet, ignoring the protest my groin area was giving me then set my sights on him

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