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And to the person that comments upon everybody's punctuation and grammar you are more educated than I am would you like to help me out with some haiku Young Libertines – [8k.
The first slap stung making me jump and gasp but by the third slap I wonted it harder as I started to moan with each wallop he threw the paddle away he roared only sluts and whores liked spanking nice girls don't like pain I'* going to make you suffer talking to himself he muttered through all the merits of his different punishment if he used only a quarter of them on me I would be extremely satisfied as he untied me I could feel his cock rock hard against my ass I would have loved him to push his cock into my snatch it was dripping wet and ready I would have him shag me while I was tied up but I couldn't ask as he was the boss
Caribbeancom - 美人過ぎる議員候補のHな裏事情 2 (12 min) 1

Girl Gets Fucked Caribbeancom – 美人過ぎる議員候補のHな裏事情 2 (12 min)

Sex With My Broken Heart

My nails strum your back transmitting chills round your skin
My lips burn yours sending throughout your body absolute lust
Something cold in my clawing nails makes this feel like a sin
You can’t help but feel as if there is something absent in my flawless thrust

I barely speak a word during our blistering entanglement
Still your itch tells you to pursue deeper into my flesh
Even though this heat I exhibit seems cold and vacant
You care not the emotion I cloak, as long as you get your rush

So I hide into myself and allow you to persist
You feel me as if I am ice and not a torrid fountain of yearning
You are damned in your high and venture on with out resist
Slowly a thought impregnates your brain and you begin learning

Not in love with you will I fall
I am exploiting your molestations as a band-aid
I am wounded and you are the first to kiss better it all
I do not want proclamations of adoration to be said

Have sex with my broken heart and forget that I am in pain
Just for tonight fuck me like it will save my soul
Perhaps by morning this ache will finally be slain
And when we part ways, stories of this night will never be told,

Caribbeancom - 美人過ぎる議員候補のHな裏事情 2 (12 min) 2

Goth Caribbeancom – 美人過ぎる議員候補のHな裏事情 2 (12 min) Pau Grande

There was still all kinds of movement but he was no longer creating it,

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